zondag 15 mei 2011

Long time no hear

I've had some busy weeks, busy with a lot and also nothing...
I orderd a lot of colors and have almost every color now. I've winded almost 100 bobbins but still have 20 to do:

I've made some progress with the bear for Vanessa and my Mary Wigham SAL:

I have also some sad news, 1,5 week ago I noticed a big bump on my white guinee pig, which grew very fast. It was by her throat/breast and not to operate. Last friday I decided to end up her life, she was soo sick, didn't eat fridaymorning, she couldn't sleep because when she layed down the bump was in the way, difficulty with breathing... She was adorable and loved giving kisses. She whould become 3 on the 14 of july. I hope she is very happy in the guinee pig heaven now.
I love you 4 ever, Dotje!

At the back is Beertje (Little Bear), the male. The red-white one is Fluffy, white one Dotje (Little Dear), the brown-white one is Snuitje (Little Snout)and the 3-colored one is Robijn (Rubin), all female.

Because I was so sad, I gave myself permission to start a new project. I want to make the 4 seasons-cats of CATS of the world in cross-stitch from Jayne Netley Maayhew & Nicki Wheeler and started with the grey winter-cat:

My vegetables are growing very fast but I forgot to make a pic, I will edit it tomorrow.
The tomatoplant has little flowers, the snack-cucumber and courgette are having little flowers also and also already some little fruits!!!

I also won an award by Sarah, but I will show it in my next post.

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2 opmerkingen:

  1. Great update on your WIP"s...
    And what a lovely start..
    So sorry to hear of your little guinee pig..
    So looks so cute, so does all your others..
    I hope this new project keep your mind of things.. good luck

    Hugs Annette

  2. leuk nog eens iets van je te horen :)

    Mooie foto's heb je, je eigen huisdieren ?

    Hoe noemen ze ? als ik vragen mag

    mvg Sarah