vrijdag 24 januari 2014

Crochet, felt & cross-stitch

When I started this blog I wanted to show my cross-stitch work. Unfortunately there came a period I couldn't express myself in x-stitches and had a long period doing nothing....

I'm ready to blog again. But this time not only about my cross-stitch progress, but about all my hobbies  :-D

A mum of school learned me how to crochet and I love it!! I made cellphone bags,  little flipflop keyholders, ponchos, scarfes and now I'm working on a circlevest from Drops Design (99-3)

Also my dear friend Annette infected me with the felt-virus. I'm making a chain of peanuts, an apple and 3 great tits, I love it

Although I have problems with my short memory I also love to read, most of the time an hour before I go to sleep.
I just read the trilogy from Amanda Stevens. I also love the books of Patricia Cornwell, Cathy Reichs, Karin Slaughter, Henning Mankell.
Now reading Around Midnight from Amanda Stevens.

What other book you think I should read?

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog again