zondag 10 april 2011

Last week...

... I had a busy week again. Helping my sons class with their First Aid-lessons, watching Lola again (from now on every thursday, when her owner is playing tennis-matches, a lot of chatting and

I painted my toe nails:

I finished my first block of the Mary Wigham SAL:

I bought some little plants: tomato, cucumber normal and small, radish and marrow:

I made a pic of the daffodils in the sun, I got from Lola:

And a pic of Lola, dreaming on the counch:

Well, this was my little update for this time, 'till next time


maandag 4 april 2011

I didn't make as much stitch-progress as I wanted the last 2 weeks. I've been very busy with the librarybooks on Jaspers school, the normal daily things and things I actually don't even know anymore... Also my fysical system let me down, it were 2 hard weeks.
But... I have some pics I want to show you

On the Dutch-part of the Ellen Maurer Stroh-stitch board () I joined an own-theme Round Robin, my theme was butterflies
left up is stitched by Vanessa; right up is stitched by Olga; left down is stitched by me and right down is stitched by Marleen


I already said I made less progress with the stitching job


Yesterday it was playing tennis-time for the neighbours again, so Lola stayed with us again. I forgot to make a pic, but I got a basket with daffodils of her, that pic I do have


We have 3 cats (pics in a later post) and 5 guinee pigs, 4 short-haired girls and 1 long haired little man. He has been very ill after birth and he nearly survived, thats why he's so small. With his hear he looks just like Elvis, we think, but we named him Little Bear.


Well, this was it, for this time. Back to stitching, I hear them call me for some progress

Till next time