zondag 10 april 2011

Last week...

... I had a busy week again. Helping my sons class with their First Aid-lessons, watching Lola again (from now on every thursday, when her owner is playing tennis-matches, a lot of chatting and

I painted my toe nails:

I finished my first block of the Mary Wigham SAL:

I bought some little plants: tomato, cucumber normal and small, radish and marrow:

I made a pic of the daffodils in the sun, I got from Lola:

And a pic of Lola, dreaming on the counch:

Well, this was my little update for this time, 'till next time


4 opmerkingen:

  1. You have been very busy!!
    Love your toe nails..
    It's such beautifull weather enjoy it!!
    make something lovely of your plants...

  2. Zeer mooie foto's Petra.

    Hoe noemt je hond ?

    Is het gelukt ivm die lijst met blogs ?

    Mvg Sarah

  3. @ Petra,

    Inderdaad, is geen gemakkelijke beslissing geweest.

    Mvg Sarah

  4. @ Petra,

    Je hebt zonet de "bedankt voor alle lieve reactie's award" gewonnen op mijn blog.


    Veel plezier ermee ;)

    Mvg Sarah