zondag 5 juni 2011

crochet & more

One and a half week ago another mum from school wanted to learn me how to crochet. Can I do that? Yes, I can!!! :-) I'm very happy I can, it's so much fun.
my first one, halfway up I did myself, under H. showed me how to crochet

I found this freebie pattern on the web

I tried and tried and tried, but now I can...

my next mob-bag, only in a different color purple

It was a hot week with lots of sun, so I didn't do much stitchery. I always get such sweatty hands. Only a little bit of the cats eye. But now I have to concentrate on the bear, the only thing is that the colors for the backstitches are not right and complete on the countingpaper... I really have to sit down an take a good look at it.

Because it was so hot in the sun and I couldn't stitch, I made some juwelery

My vegetables are growing well



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