vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

Here I am again

after such a long time... and I've done a lot:

I made with 2 other mums the decor for the musical of our kids, I made the outline and they helped fill in. The title was: Graduation 8 goes flaming (partying; because they're going to Highschool):

Jasper was playing the teacher of the graduatingclass who are going to have a party in the hall of the school, but there are heared strange noises which have to be searched out. There's also a song about the Nightbeast:
I made the masks of the nightbeast, rat, rabbit, mouse,
It was lots of fun and special helping and making.

We went to the Vendée in France, for a sun-sand-sea vacation. It was lovely there

I love those trees

We went with our tent:

My 3 men are playing table tennis competition, so at the campside should be played also... only the table wasn't really a good one (actually it was a terrible one)...

Yoeri and Jasper were found every day in the swimmingpool (their requirement for the campsite: a swimmingpool and wifi, and both were there)
The roof could be openend, but never was

I also had to make some cross-stitches: (it's not the most beautiful/flattering picture of me)

I bought 2 magazins, one with a little book

the last one with a new project (oh my... when am I gonna make all my whished projects???)

I did some crochet also, I want to make a bag of it:

The bear for Vanessa is almost finished (the last backstitches have to be made), and goes tomorrow with the postman on his way to Belgium.

Everything is washed away, cleaned up and in storage again. The cats and guinee pigs are happy again that we're at home.

The boys have still one and a half week vacation and have to start sept 6th again. Their books are in, they will be covered tomorrow, so almost ready to be used, even as the rest (agenda, writingbooks, case, pens, pensils, etc)

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Have a happy/lovely weekend